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Quotes Beyond Athletics Scouting Inc. is very unique in that they personally work with all the prospects on their website. ESPN, Rivals, and Scout are great, but they cannot provide you with the day-to day personality, work-ethic or behavior issues such as Beyond Athletics Scouting can. Quotes
Satisfied Recruiter
FBS Division 1 Football Coach

Quotes I think the program is very beneficial to those trying to improve their skills in any sport. The combination of Beyond Athletics Scouting and Next Level and Beyond has helped me receive at least 6 full scholarships between all of my sports. The Next-Level Conditioning Program not only gets you ready for the next level in sports, but in real life also. I have been able to stay on top of my game both in-season and off-season. Last but not least, they help me do my highlight films so more college coaches can see the type of player I am, and they also do a great job connecting me with those coaches. I have recommended it to my entire football team because I believe it is one of the best ways to improve your all-around skills as a student-athlete. Quotes
Chauncey Scissum
Student (Rush Henrietta)

Quotes I think the Next-Level & Beyond Program along with Beyond Athletics Scouting has done so much for kids looking to be recruited like myself. Overall it has helped me realize that hard work will get you to be almost anything you aspire to be. Quotes
Jeremiah Ortiz
Student (Eastridge High School)

Quotes I am proud and pleased of the training that Beyond Athletics has put in place. The Next-Level Strength and Conditioning Program has put athletes in our area a cut above the rest and is giving them the foundation to compete beyond high school as long as they are willing to work hard. I saw the transformation of my son Marcus McGill (Gates-Chili) in a just a short amount of time. This program is getting him ready to compete at the Division 1 Level. I would recommend Beyond Athletics to everyone who wants to excel and not be average. Quotes
Andrew McGill
Satisfied Parent