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JARRON JONES - Aquinas Institute (Rochester, NY)

Height:  6'7        Weight: 305

Position: DT      Year: Class of 2012

High School:     Aquinas Institute (Rochester, NY)

GPA: 2.8

Bio:  Ranked Top 15 Defensive Tackles in the entire nation ... 2011 US Army All-American Selection ... Over 35 scholarships offered ... Three sport athlete: football, basketball, and track ... Would like to pursue a major in communications and journalism. 

College Interests

 Committed Yes Yes  Yes
Penn State University High Yes Yes Larry Johnson 
Florida State University High Yes   
Rutgers University High Yes  Bob Fraser 
Syracuse University High Yes  Tyrone Wheatley 
Boston College High Yes   


2013 Notre Dame Spring Football: Jarron Jones

High School Junior Year

More Information

Jones Learns to Fight

Irish defensive end Jarron Jones isn’t a natural fighter. He considers himself a “brawler,” but not the type that likes to go around hurting people.

Jones’ lack of innate bloodlust on the football field, which contributed to his spending his freshman season as a spectator last fall, may be as much a product of nurture as it is nature. The surprisingly lanky, 6-foot-5, 300-pounder towered over his teenage peers when he played for the Aquinas Institute in upstate New York. Jones’ coaches at Aquinas had to ask him to take it easy during practices in order to keep their offensive line healthy.



Jarron Jones Plays In

US Army All-American Game

Jan 7, 2012

Staff Writer


This is high school football's biggest stage.  Everybody is good, and everybody has been the man in their hometown.  Rochester's own Jarron Jones (Aquinas Institute) has earned the right to be named on the East roster of The US Army All-American All-Star Game, he is the only selection from the State of New York.  The 5-Star, Blue Chip athlete goes 6'6, 307lbs., yet plays with a unique blend of quick feet, great technique, balance, power, agility, speed, you name it!  These attributes have been the key components to why Jones has dominated the opposition in Section V.  His senior stats: 75 tackles, 5 sacks, and 1 fumble recovery.


Jones is hands down the #1 ranked athlete in New York State, and most recruiting websites have him ranked in the Top 15 in the nation at his postion (Defensive Line).  That is what the US Army game is all about, the best.  "All the kids down here are just as good as me, if not better, and most are my size, and just as strong, I absolutley love it," says Jones.  "This journey has been so amazing, I cannot wait to play, this is the grand-daddy of all high school football games."  "I remember watching as a kid and thinking, I wanna play in that game, and here I am, my heart is racing, its great to be around so many talented athletes from all around the country."

Jones, currently committed to Notre Dame,  is one of the reasons why the Western, NY area has been making some noise in the recruiting world.  "We are starting to earn some respect as of late," says Jones.  "It seems like every year we have had at least one kid go to a BCS Division 1 school, and this is just the tip of the iceburg."  "I think we already have some offers on the table for some of our class of 2013 prospects, it just feels good to be part of this positive trend back at home, I'm very excited for Rochester."

The US Army All-American All-Star game will kickoff today at 1pm sharp on NBC Sports.  Beyond Athletics would like to congratulate Jarron Jones on his selection to the 2012 US Army All-American All-Star Game.  Bring home the win!


March 9th, 2011

Jarron Jones - DL - (Aquinas) At 6'7, 295lbs The Big Defensive Lineman from Aquinas has been one of the most recruited prospects in Section V history.  Jones has to date at least 18 offers that range from top colleges in the SEC, Big Ten and Big East.  When it’s all said and done he will most likely be a 50-offer kid.  Last year at Aquinas, Jones had 70 tackles (14 for loss), 10 Sacks, 1 Interception, and 1 Fumble Recovery for a TD.  His footwork is what sets him apart from the average big man; he's big, strong, light on his feet and has technique.