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DARON ROPER - Rush Henrietta (Henrietta, NY)

Height: 5'10        Weight: 170

Position: WR/DB   Year: 2013 / 2014

Prep School:  Milford Academy

High School: Rush Henrietta (Henrietta, NY)

GPA: 2.9     SAT:       ACT:

Counselor:  Courney Stern ([email protected])

Career Interests: Communications



College Interests

Ron Whitcomb
Desmond Robinson
Isai Bradshaw



Junior Season Highlights

More Information



Drew DeRoo

October 14, 2013

How would you summarize your overall experience at Milford Academy?

"My overall experience at prep school is great because I'm actually doing what college student-athletes do. The work we're doing in school is much harder, practice and games are very intense because of the great competition you're going up against, and learning how to do things on your own is a big one. As you get older, you need to learn how to take care of yourself without your parents involved, and at prep school being hours away from home, that's exactly what prep school teaches you. It's a great experience."

In your opinion what is the difference between Prep school and high school football?

"In my opinion the difference between Prep school and high school football is that Prep school is more of a grind than high school football. The student-athletes on the prep school team are all from different states and are as good or maybe even better than you and just as smart.  Everybody wants the same thing that you want...a Scholarship. Everyday and every week you compete for your position and playing time. It's not like high school when everybody gets a chance and you have the same starters or captains every year and every game.  Here, you have to maintain your position through competing day in and day out."

Were you happy that you made the decision to go Prep?

"Honestly, Yes I was happy that I made my decision to go to prep school because I wanted to start my own legacy and work hard at it. A lot of people questioned my decision, and may have thought that prep school would be a hard route to take. In my mind, I knew that if I go prep, I wouldn't only just get better in the sport that I love but I would also get better at becoming a man, learning new things in the game of football, learning how to manage my time more efficiently, and learning how to maintain excellent grades as an athlete."

Is prep school worth the money?

"Prep school is definitely worth the money, but for the young guys out there, prep school is not for everybody. I say that because while here at Milford, I've seen a few guys leave because they can't handle the amount of work you need to put in before you go off to college. You have to really love what you do and have a very strong positive mindset, in order to make it through prep school because it is not easy."

Does prep school get you ready for the SAT, ACT and playing football at the next level?

"Yes, Definitely!  You are well coached in school on how to take the SAT, ACT, and playing football at the next level. Every day you receive work in school that can help you do better on your SAT and ACT. You just have to actually do the work and accept getting coached by your teachers on how to do well on the test. All around prep school helps you get ready for the next level because you're doing what the college student-athletes are doing but in a different place. While at prep school, you need to take advantage of what the prep school is giving you because it will really help you in the future."

How would you say that talent is at Milford?

"The talent here is more legit than high school, because you have some real good ball players from different states. The guys here at prep school are striving to be the best at everything that they do. The players here are very hardworking and are very talented."

How is your season going this year?

"My season is going good this year, currently we're 6-1 and we're striving to get better every week and every game by winning the day's at practice. The team is filled with great football players from all over. We come together as players and make the team better by doing our 1-11th everyday."

Since you've been at Milford what schools are recruiting you?

What colleges are you planning to go visit?

"The colleges that I have planned to visit are Syracuse, Old Dominion, Connecticut, and South Florida."

What advice would you give to a person that is in the same situation you were in, in high school?

"I would tell them to always have faith and hope that you will become the best person you could possibly be.  And only YOU need to have the strength within yourself to believe in that. Times may be hard and you may not get what you want right now, but you have to push yourself and work your hardest to get to where you want to be. No matter what you go through, don't let a situation defeat defeat the situation and never give up because you don't know whats on the other side of the brick wall. Last don't sell yourself short upon other people's expectations if they don't agree with what you believe.  I'm glad I made the decision to come here to Milford, my future is so much brighter now, and yours could be too if you follow your dreams."


Daron Roper Cracks NLA 7v7: Top 10 Defense

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Apr 8, 2013

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In the end, the Virginia Thoroughbreds beat Philly’s Finest to win the title, but players from across the region stood out.

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Rush Henrietta Senior:

Daron Roper

Discusses Football, Recruiting, and Life...

Kala Gause

November 19, 2012

The season is now over for most Section V teams, and Rush Henrietta senior Daron Roper talks about how his season went overall.  

"As a team, our season went well, we went 8-1, but suffered a tough loss the last game of the season."  "Individually, I prepared myself a lot better, I made sure I was ready and focused for each game and this by far was my best high school year," explains Roper.   And with a 3.1 GPA in the classroom, it appears that Roper is NCAA Clearinghouse approved.  "In the classroom is where it first goes down when your a student-athlete looking to get to the next level, I had a good marking period, and will be taking my SAT's soon," says Roper.  

The Rush Henrietta senior says this year and last year were both a little different for him in terms of developing his skills.  "Last year I was just out there playing games, sort of happy to have a jersey and look good in my uniform."  "This year I was more of a leader on the field, my work ethic improved, my coaches named me a captain, and my teamates were able to depend, and look to me to help contribute on the field in some cruicial moments."  "I felt trusted and it made me work even harder to be prepared each game so I wouldn't let anyone down," explains the hard-hitting defensive back.

"In my junior season after a loss to Orchard Park in the New York State Class AA Sectional Semifinals I commited myself and urged teamates to stay together as a team both on and off the field, I felt we could make another run at a championship this year, my focus was to hit the weights more and really learn our playbook during the offseason," says Roper.   This season, although very successful also ended with a loss as the Royal Comets lost to Aquinas in The Section V Class AA Semi-Finals by a score of 21-13 at Sahlen's Stadium, Sunday October 28th.

Now that football is over Roper will be spending time with his mom and family focusing a little more on the recruiting process, putting his official / unofficial college visit list together, and playing indoor track. "My events in indoor track are the 55 Meters, and 55 Hurdles."  "I will most likely base my visits around my track schedule."

Roper says that the recruiting process is quite the experience so far.  "The process up to this point has been fun, confusing and stressful at times, receiving mail, letters and hearing from coaches is great, but when you don't hear from coaches or get any mail during the season, you worry about whether or not their still interested in you, so it can be kinda stressful, but overall I'm glad to have proper guidance and good people in my corner throughout the whole process."

Roper had an opportunity to visit a few schools already and speaks about his thoughts on the programs.

Rutgers - "I have always liked Rutgers, and have been to the campus many times, my friend, and adopted big brother (Quentin Gause) goes there, I also have plenty of family around New Jersey."  "Rutgers is all about family, the coaches sincerely care about you as a person and they really want you to get your education."  "I'm a family person and have a lot of the same principals that they do, and that is why I like the program."

West Liberty - "I like that West Liberty is seperated from the big lights of a big city, it allows students to focus more."  "They also have a small family environment which is another thing I like about them." 

James Madison - "James Madison University is a big school in a city environment, I enjoyed my trip there, the coaching staff was great and they want there athletes to focus on going to class, working hard, and attention to detail."  "I wouldn't mind another trip there, I enjoyed it."

University of Pittsburgh - "I really enjoyed the facilities; they share practice fields with the Steelers, and they have an excellent tutoring center for student athletes."

Although it seems like Roper has made quite a few visits already, he says, he is not done yet.  "I would still like to visit Stonybrook,  Old Dominion,  Syracuse,  Virginia Tech,  Monmouth,  Wagner, and childhood favorite Miami (FL)," explains Roper.  "Not sure what order, or if i can even make all those trips, but if I had things my way I would try to visit all those schools and a few more."  "I would like to major in communications, because I have always wanted to pursue a career in reporting news, and interviewing people."   Roper also has a little advice for younger athletes making there way into the recruiting process.  "First thing is to do good in school, you need to dedicate yourself to be great and work on improving each year for your particular sport."  "As far as recruiting in Upstate New York, you cannot take any days off in getting exposure for yourself."  "Trust me from my own experience you need to get out, go to camps outside state lines, and meet coaches even as early as when you are in middle school."

"I participated in travel on the Western NY Elite travel 7-on-7 teams which allowed me to visit many different colleges in various areas, I went to Rutgers Football camp which is an open camp to many different college coaches, from divisions I, II, and III.  "And I also went to James Madison camp which was closed to other colleges, so their coaching staff could evaluate you exclusively."  

Beyond Athletics NY would like to thank Daron Roper for all the great advice, words, wisdom, and sharing his own experiences with everyone.  Roper is going to make a fine football player, and an even better student for whatever school he chooses.  Much luck, and much success in the future for Rush Henrietta senior, Daron Roper.


Class Of 2013 Spotlight:

Daron Roper

Kevin O'Neal

December 26, 2011

He stands about 5'10, 175 lbs and has the heart of a champion. (ATH) Daron Roper (Rush-Henrietta High School) Rochester, NY, is an emotional player with traits of being a team leader and motivator from almost any position.  Projected as a DB at the next level, Roper believes he can play on offense as well.  "I've played QB and WR, but will play whatever the team and coaches need me to play at the highest level."  Roper goes on to say, he has gotten interest from Old Dominion, Albany, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, and Wagner just to name a few.  "I've visited Pittsburgh, and Rutgers with plans to visit more schools this spring."   "I'm keeping my options open and will begin evaluating more in the next few months."

Expect Roper to be one of the more dominate players in this area next season, as he strives to improve all-around.  "I'm working out in the gym focusing on getting bigger, stronger, faster and more athletic,"  explains Roper, as he is one of the many athletes that will be on hand at the 1st annual Elite Top 100 Combine and Showcase held on December 28th, 2011 at Total Sports Experience 880 Elmgrove Rd, Rochester, NY.

Stay on the lookout in 2012 as Beyond Athletics continues to follow the progress of Daron Roper.